Flooring Styles

There are many things to consider when choosing the best floor covering to suit your home or office.  At Somerfields Carpets Mount Gambier, our experienced staff will be able to answer your questions and give you the right advice to suit your individual needs.  When looking at your carpet and flooring needs in Mount Gambier, here are some considerations we at Somerfields Carpets think that you should look at before making your choice.

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Colour is one of the first things people look at when choosing floor coverings, for instance, do you want your carpet colour to be a decorating feature of a room or would you prefer it to simply blend in with the other decorating choices you have already made, such as furniture or a wall colour.  By answering this, we at Somerfields Carpets Mount Gambier, will be able to assist you in picking the correct colour that’s right for you. In picking colours you need to consider the moods, feelings and perception that can be created by choosing different colours, as an example shades of blue and green are seen as cooling, southing and calming.


A carpets texture is how it looks and feels, different textures are created by the use of different yarns, density, processes and the pile heights. A carpet’s texture affects the look that is being created, so it helps to be clear on as rooms purpose before selecting the carpet, at Somerfields Carpets we can help you make sure you pick the right texture to suit the right room.


When looking at a pattern for your carpet, be sure to take into account the other features of your room.  As an example period homes, with lovely rich features often lend themselves to the richness of woven carpets where a more modern house can look better with geometric patterns. Your desires are our priority at Somerfields Carpets Mount Gambier, to make sure that you choose the right pattern to suit the style of your house.


By knowing the room’s purpose and foot traffic levels, this will also help pick a style and option of your carpet to suits its needs. For a hallway a Residential Extra Heavy duty rating is recommended, whilst a dining room that sees less traffic and usually require a lower rated carpet.  However, at Somerfields Carpets we recommend when carpeting an entire house it may be easier to select an Extra Heavy Duty rated carpet that will cope with the most demanding traffic to cater for most situations.


There are five major fibres that are used in Australian carpets, these are solution dyed nylon, nylon, wool, polypropylene and polyester. Some carpets use a combination of these fibres to create a blended carpet.  Each fibre is constructed using a specific manufacturing process. For a better understanding of these fibres and their properties please go to our fibre type page to read and understand more regarding these.

Laminate Floors

Today laminate flooring provides you with a realistic look of a wooden floor at an affordable price, like carpets and most things in life there are significant differences in price depending on the quality.  Let us at Somerfields Carpets Mount Gambier help you pick not only the right quality, but either click or self locking, the later being the most popular option. Important things to take into account when looking into laminate flooring is how thickness, wear, scratch and indentation resistance to keep the look and finish of the floor free from imperfections.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring is a excellent flooring solution for high traffic areas of your home or office. With its hard wearing properties this makes it a perfect choice for kitchens, providing comfort, warmth and quietness underfoot. At Somerfields Carpets, Vinyl floors come in rolls, tiles or planks depending on your flooring requirements.

Timber Floors

The natural beauty provided by real timber means this type of flooring is highly sort after by interior designers and consumers alike – prefinished products are especially popular.  The timber flooring at Somerfields Carpets Mount Gambier is available in various options with species of timber, plank thickness, widths and finishes. So let us help you to ensure that you make the right choice with our many years of experience and products in our showroom, for the best flooring in Mount Gambier and the South East Region.

Like all natural timber products, our timber flooring options are not suited to wet areas.

Somerfields Carpets Mount Gambier has all of your vinyl flooring needs

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Somerfields Carpets Mount Gambier has all of your flooring needs

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Somerfields Carpets Mount Gambier has all of your timber flooring needs

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